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Lose weight with the Apollo Method or Gastric Balloon in summer

A few weeks before the start of summer, we explain in this article why summer can be an ideal time to consider treating an overweight problem with techniques such as Intragastric Balloon or the Apollo Method.

Reasons for a treatment before summer

In summer we want to eat more lightly. Beyond ice cream (which is the real danger to lose weight during these dates), in general terms, in summer we prefer lighter and more refreshing dishes such as salads, gazpachos, cold soups, fruit, etc. This is an additional help during the first weeks/months of treatments with techniques such as Intragastric balloon or Apollo Method.

As he Gastric Balloon as the Apollo Method They are endoscopic treatments. This means that a few hours after the placement/procedure you will be able to lead a normal life following the instructions of our specialists. For this reason, you should not fear “mortgaging” your summer or your vacations with these procedures. It is true that the first few days you may have some slight discomfort, but they do not usually last more than 48 hours.

If during the summer you are one of those who enjoy intensive working hours or if you have vacations, what better way to take advantage of them than taking care of yourself and your health. Often during the year we do not have so much time to take care of ourselves and “pamper ourselves”. If you now start a treatment to lose weight with the Gastric balloon or a stomach reduction with the Apollo Method You will have time to pay attention to your diet, rest and ultimately take care of yourself.

The Apollo Method or Gastric Balloon a good solution

both with the Gastric Balloon as with the Apollo Method the main weight loss is achieved in the first few months. This means that by “around September” you will likely have lost a good chunk of excess weight.

“Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today”, so goes this famous Spanish saying. The same goes for losing weight. “On Monday I start”, “in September when I return from vacation I will try to lose weight”, “with the beginning of the year, past holidays”, “after Easter to reach the summer with less weight”… and so on. The time to lose weight can be any time, even in summer.

If something characterizes the summer period, beyond the high temperatures, it is daylight. Now in summer the days are longer and we can take the opportunity to take long walks in the early or late afternoon. Any weight loss treatment should be accompanied by changes to a more active lifestyle. In summer we spend more hours outdoors and there are more favorable conditions for swimming, walking, cycling, etc.

apollo method in summer

For those who cannot avoid going for tapas or enjoying the terraces in summer, bringing a intragastric balloon in your stomach helping you feel full will prevent you from gaining extra kilos during the summer period.

Much of the success of a treatment to lose weight with Intragastric Balloon or Apollo Method It is based on medical monitoring. With our multidisciplinary team (nutritionist, psychologists, coach, etc.) they will help you throughout the process. Many people in summer have more time to be able to do this follow-up in the best possible way.

We could continue mentioning more advantages that we see in the summer period to lose weight, but as we see there is more than one reason to consider losing weight during the months of June, July and August.

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