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Los Garzaz release new cumbia-quebradita “Shake It Baby”

Before the end of 2022, the Mexican regional band, The Garzazplease the public with their return and a release that is already shaping up to be a success. “Shake It Baby” is the name of the production that is already available on all music playback platforms such as Spotify.

The new theme of The Garzaz arrives with the intention of making his fans dance, having a special touch of the accordion and its popular sound in the style of quebradita cumbia. With her lyrics they tell the story of a party girl, who is always partying and never misses an opportunity to go out and have fun.

The Garza’z who have been known for making their way into the music industry with their unique style when it comes to life on stage, they continue to work for their innovation and show their followers that their versatility does not stop at giving people something to talk about.

The original group of coachella valleymade up of brothers and dad. Don Lupe Garza He has been in the industry for years, not only singing but also playing different instruments with the members of the band. This has allowed them to become one of the most popular in the world. regional mexican genre.

Recently, The Garza’z performed in a great memorable concert in Corridos and Mamalonas 2022where they shared the stage with other artists including: Luis R. Conríquez, Larry Hernandez, Chiquis Rivera, Northern Enigma, The Sinaloa Twins and many more.

Likewise, it was made known that the group continues to delight their fans with different presentations every weekend, appearing in casinos in California and its surroundings. The show brings with it a quite entertaining staging, with variable and danceable music.

More about Los Garzaz

They became known as “Third generation“for the trajectory of their relatives, Don Lupe Garza, creator of the first and second generation of the groups that made life between the ’80s and ’90s. In 1995 they gave their first show in Texas.

Since then they have proven to be a versatile group for projecting themselves with the interpretation of different genres within the regional among them: Cumbia, Norteño bachata, Salsa, Quebradita, Tejano Reggaeton and Top 40.

The public has come to compare them with selena Y The dinos for their similarities in being a Texan/American family made up of brothers and a father who has instilled in him music from an early age. The group is made up of: Adrian Garza – Vocalist and Accordionist; lupe garza – Bearish; alex garza – Requisite; Emmanuel Lizardo – Drummer; Don Lupe Garza – Keyboards.

The band will be performing at the Pala, Soboba, Yaamava and Fantasy Springs Casino.

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