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Lorena Herrera confesses that she does not want to work with Ninel Conde again and Sylvia Pasquel supports her

Lorena Herrera refuses to work with Ninel Conde.

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Lorraine Herrera She did not remain silent when asked if there is any famous person with whom she would not like to work again, to which she immediately assured that she tries to get along with all her colleagues, but without a doubt does not want to coincide with Ninel Conde.

The constant conflicts that Ninel Conde has starred in have placed her as one of the most controversial celebrities, but not only today, since throughout her career there have been several occasions on which she has given something to talk about, among which stands out when he engaged in a series of comments with Lorena Herrera.

This is how the current participant of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ revived her rivalry with Ninel Conde during the YouTube program ‘Pnky Promise’ hosted by Karla Díaz.

And it is that, during a dynamic of questions and answers, the blonde was asked if there is a celebrity with whom she would not like to work again, to which she immediately assured that she gets along well with all her colleagues, but there is someone with who definitely prefers not to match.

“In my 33-year career I have a good relationship with all my teammates and I have never had any problems, I get along well with everyone. I have few friends in between, there is only one person with whom I would not work with her again, I don’t know her name, but they call her ‘Bombón’ I don’t know what“, answered.

And although on this occasion he avoided openly mentioning Ninel Conde, Sylvia Pasquel He agreed with him, assuring that “El Bombón Asesino” spends all his time sending messages while the others work.

“’The murderer’, yes… no, you are working and is in the forum chaton stage he is chatting while you are working”, he added.

Let’s remember that the problems between Ninel Conde and Lorena Herrera They began in 2009 when comparisons of the musical shows of both circulated, where they presented themselves with very similar costumes and even the choreographies had clear similarities, so Lorena Herrera reacted by assuring that she was upset because Ninel Conde copied herand not only that, but also asked him to be more original.

While in 2018 both actresses coincided in the play “Las Arpías”, once again demonstrating that there is no relationship between them, they were not even able to speak to each other during press conferences. And it was Ninel Conde who confessed that she has no interest in settling their differences.

“No, there is no relationship with a person who has disrespected you, I have not done anything to the lady, but she has been very rude and I have nothing to talk about with her. No, I have no interest, I’m really fine like this, reconciliation of what… ”, she expressed before the cameras of ‘Ventaneando’.

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