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looks with blanket scarf to face the cold

The blanket scarf is one of the favorite accessories of the coldest ones. But if you want to know how to wear it with style on colder days, come on.

When temperatures drop, accessories to combat the cold tend to come out of the drawer. After all, we want to be warm to fight negative temperatures in style. But, if you’re cold, there’s a winter accessory that you really have to have: the blanket scarf. This is a type of scarf that allows you to cover not only the neck, but also the shoulders and even the torso.

So, if this idea has already won you over, but you’re thinking you don’t know how to use it, don’t worry: there are lots of different ways to wear the blanket scarf and, to inspire you, we’ve gathered the best ones. So, take a look below and start getting ideas for your winter looks now.

Knit dresses, especially wool ones, are one of the big stars of the season. And, if you like it but don’t use it because you’re afraid of getting cold, we have two tips.

The first is to use them with over the knee boots, in order to keep warm throughout the body. And, the second is that you always combine it with a blanket scarf that you can put on and take off, depending on whether you are cold or not.

In addition to protecting you from the cold air and wind, this is the type of scarf that makes any look richer and more beautiful. What are you waiting for to get yours out of the drawer?


With black pants and biker jacket

If you are a more practical woman who loves comfortable outfits, know that making a scarf your best friend in cold weather will make your life a lot easier.

On those days without ideas, just wear some black pants, combine with a sweater and a biker jacket and, on top, put on a blanket scarf to be beautiful and very warm.
Easy, right?

For all those who like elegant and stylish looks, a good way to wear the blanket scarf is over a shirt or sweater and with a belt.

The result is a warm and perfect look for colder days.

In addition to the combination of accessories making the outfit visually very interesting, the belt will define the silhouette even when wearing a scarf.

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Are you a fan of feminine, comfortable and warm looks? So, nothing better than betting on a woolen skirt and sweater and, on top of that, put a blanket scarf wrapped around your neck and shoulders.

Perfect for facing the cold days in style, this is the type of outfit you can wear both to work and to go out with the family.


With overcoat and leggings

Cold alert: this suggestion is for you. On those lazy weekends when it’s really cold outside and you don’t know what to wear, we have a suggestion.

Combine some warm leggings with a looser wool sweater, put on an overcoat and, on top, a blanket scarf. Afterwards, just put on some slipper boots and you are ready to face the day in comfort and style.

Although it is not a suitable look for work, for more casual days it is sure to feel beautiful and comfortable, effortlessly.

As you can see, the blanket scarf really is a very versatile accessory that will help you create incredible outfits, without compromising comfort and coziness.

Get inspired by our suggestions and start using the ones you have at home since last winter. And if you don’t have any, it might be a good idea to buy one. Bet on a neutral color that you can wear with everything, and live the winter even more.

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