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Looking for a raise? So you ask your boss for a higher salary!

Most people would probably not say no to a higher salary, but it is not always possible to get what you want. Here are the questions and points you should consider before asking your boss for a raise!

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1. What have you accomplished in the past year?

There is a difference between wanting a raise and actually deserving it. Think about what you’ve done in the last six months or year – has it contributed to the company’s growth? Are there things that you can lift? Tell what you have done that has made the company develop – then it will be easier for your boss to realize that you deserve a raise.

2. Can you support with numbers?

Supporting your arguments with numbers and data showing that you have done something positive and good for the company can be a step closer to a salary increase. Maybe you were the one who sold the most for a long period or have succeeded in recruiting new members? Check if there is anything you can press extra on!

3. Is it the right time to ask?

Don’t forget that timing is important! There are better and worse times to ask for a raise. Is the company changing? Are you recently employed? When was the last time you got a raise? Consider all the factors and think about the timing.

How to ask your boss:

  • Book an appointment
    It is important that you and your boss can talk calmly. Book a meeting where you can talk undisturbed. And don’t forget, no one else will ask about just you should get a raise – it’s always worth a try!
  • Practice what you are going to say
    Practice and talk to yourself before you talk to your boss. You will feel more confident about what to ask and more comfortable. If you are sure of your thing, your boss will be more easily convinced.
  • Ask about other possibilities
    You don’t always get what you want and salary increases can be extra difficult. Maybe there is some other benefit that can be offered?

Source: The Everyday Girl

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