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Long awaited! YouTube Music will have a new feature • ENTER.CO

A feature highly sought after by YouTube Music users would be coming soon, after a code was discovered. It is an automatic shutdown timer, a long-awaited feature by users of this platform.

This update would arrive with the version of Android 13 that is about to be available to everyone. The code in question is the “res/layout/timer_status_bottom_sheet.xml” which suggests that a sleep timer hits the YouTube Music app. It is expected that this timer feature can be easier to enable and disable than other similar apps. It is speculated that it could be very similar to the same function of Apple Music for Android. The main use of this feature for the app is to prevent your phone or tablet from staying up all night if you fall asleep. You will only need to activate this function before going to bed and so you can not worry if you fall asleep. Of course, with this you can also save energy and avoid interruptions of your sleep to turn off or stop playing music.

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The code was discovered by reviewing the latest version of the YouTube Music app that supports the media player. In Google Play Music to set the sleep timer meant going to the main settings list to set the feature. Now, this feature is expected to be available for the next version of Android OS, it is also possible that this feature is not coming yet. However, this is highly anticipated by users who use their cell phones or listen to music as a method to relax shortly before going to sleep. In addition, with this feature a level of convenience is added for users who will not have to wait for it for a long time.

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