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Lolita Ayala, famous Televisa host, reappears but her health is in poor health and alarms her fans | VIDEO

The followers of the entertainment world expressed their concern for the health of the television host, Lolita Ayala after observing the recent interview he offered for the cameras of the Hoy program, where he spoke about the consequences he suffered from a helicopter accident.

It was 7 years ago when the former Televisa host suffered a spectacular accident while traveling by helicopter. According to her statements, the transport collapsed at a height of 30 meters and its crew members suffered severe injuries. Fortunately, no deaths were reported.

Last Thursday, December 22, Galilea Montijo from the program “Hoy” and the show “De Primera Mano” announced that Lolita Ayala was surprised at the airport and took a few minutes to talk about the aftermath that he suffers after the serious accident he had several years ago. The fans were in complete shock.

In a wheelchair and with oxygen, Lolita Ayala reported that the spectacular accident occurred after the helicopter in which she was traveling ran out of gasoline, collapsing at a height of 30 meters. The driver assured that it was a “miracle” that no one died.

“The helicopter ran out of gasoline and fell 30 meters down. Miraculously we didn’t kill each other”


Immediately after, Lolita Ayala said that fortunately she was fine, but with significant consequences. He explained that the accident caused the entire column to break, for which it was intervened on different occasions. He noted that he is in the process of recovery.

“Little by little, the rehabilitation is very slow. I still can’t tread well. I’m in treatment”he told before the cameras.

As expected, the recent appearance of Lolita Ayala before the television cameras did not go unnoticed by anyone, as hundreds of followers wished her a speedy recovery in the face of the complicated health situation that she has experienced for several years.

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