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LOL: Eugenio Derbez answers if Adal Ramones, Omar Chaparro and Adrián Uribe can join in the future

LOL is back with its fifth season alongside Eugenio Derbez.

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Since I understood the premise of LOL, I wished that in at least one season we could count on the presence of Eugenio Derbez as a participant and that his great friends will also enter with him: Omar Chaparro, Adal Ramones and Adrián Uribe. For this reason, in an exclusive interview with the actor I dared to ask him: “Would you dare to enter LOL!” I loved his answer, because of the honesty behind it.

“Good question,” he told me after a hearty laugh. Then she added: “I don’t know.” “On the one hand, it seems like a lot to me and I feel that I could do it very well, because after seeing, for five seasons, how it works, what they laugh at and what they don’t… seeing it from the outside, I feel like I have the weapons to go in and win.”

In this fifth season, which premieres today on Prime Video, the public will see Eugenio inside the house, but always in the role of host of the show, alert, making sure that none of the participants make the mistake of laughing, because Derbez His hand does not tremble when he takes out the warning cards.

Regarding his admission to LOL and his chances of winning or not, Eugenio remains faithful to the honesty that characterizes him and for this reason he adds: “But, on the other hand, they say that ‘the bulls look good from the sidelines’, right? Maybe inside all my theories collapse and it turns out that I will not know what to do. Because that’s what happens… you don’t know what to invent to make the other person laugh”.

The producer admits that he is very curious about living through this experiment and feels that he has the weapons to know how to attack, but he also claims to be easy to laugh at, “and that may well make me lose.”

What would it be like to join Omar Chaparro, Adal Ramones and Adrián Uribe?

After discovering that Eugenio would also like to be able to participate in the program, beyond just being the host, I had the opportunity to ask him what would happen then if they entered next to him Omar Chaparro, Adal Ramones and Adrián Uribe, and it is that in addition to the fact that they all know each other very well, they are friends.

After laughing at my question, again, he was able to admit that they have thought about it, about entering LOL with their friends.

On the other hand, I must admit that I liked seeing him laugh in our interview, and in the end I felt that more than doing my job, I was, more than anything, catching up with someone I haven’t seen for a long time and that I was finally meeting again with the one whom we have come to love for all the work he has done, respect and admire.

That day I was talking with the one who brought so many laughs, laughter and even tears to my home and to that of many throughout the world. That day I was talking with the Eugenio that we all wanted to see, after worrying so much about his health, after the recent accident he suffered, and for which we prayed so much so that he would recover. It was nice to see him healthy, healthy and smiling.

Continuing with his answer: “We have thought about it and we have planned it, in one of those we give them a surprise.” “It would be very cool to have a team from the old guard, people like the one you just mentioned, it would be incredible to have a season with all of them.”

The fifth season of “LOL: Last One Laughing” that can be enjoyed on Prime Video starting today, December 16. Do not miss it!

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