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Logpoint’s customers can try ChatGPT to increase security

The security provider Logpoint is now giving its customers the opportunity to experiment with using the new technology in a security context. This is done by integrating Logpoint’s SOAR security solution with ChatGPT.

Logpoint’s users can thus investigate the potential of the AI-powered chatbot, and how it can be used to improve their cyber security.

“It is always just as exciting to be able to give customers the chance to explore the latest technology. ChatGPT is an example of a new technology that can be used to reduce the workload,” says Edy Almer, Logpoint’s Product Manager for Threat Detection and Incident Response. “It is very important to keep up with technological developments. Innovations and trends can help us continue to develop how cyber security is managed at customers.”

Logpoint SOAR is a solution that automates the investigation of security incidents. It also provides tools that can help security analysts automate how incidents are responded to. In addition, Logpoint SOAR has a range of pre-set playbooks and also enables the creation of custom playbooks that automate the discovery of incidents as well as the processes that respond to them.

The new Integration with ChatGPT allows customers to test how SOAR playbooks can be used with ChatGPT. There are several possibilities for how ChatGPT can be useful:

Saves time when reporting intrusions: A SOAR playbook can provide ChatGPT with information about what happened and the level of security, in order to generate a draft report on the attack. This can then be reviewed by a security analyst before it is distributed further. This way of working can reduce the time spent on reporting.

Create short, easy-to-read summaries: A SOAR playbook can provide a full compliance report to ChatGPT, which can then create a summary. The summary can include the most important findings and recommendations for action, in a way that is easy for management to absorb.

Credible security training: The integration between ChatGPT and SOAR can automate parts of security training at the company. ChatGPT can generate automated phishing emails, and a SOAR playbook extracts data from LinkedIn, populating it with email addresses and other information gleaned from old logs. The phishing email can then be sent to selected recipients, after which it is measured how many people click on dangerous links.

“Our customers like to explore new technologies, and ChatGPT is no exception,” says Christian Have, Logpoint’s CTO. “The new integration is intended to make it possible to test whether the technology can reduce the time it takes to put together an attack report, which is a report that is required by law in Europe, the US and Asia to put together. Potentially, this way security analysts can free up more time.”

All Logpoint customers who use SOAR can try their hand at ChatGPT and explore various exciting possibilities.

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