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Loan with vehicle guarantee: See the best options

Sometimes we need extra money, whether it be to buy something we need at the moment, or to expand our own business. And for that, we are going after a secured loan to get this value.

And one of the best ways to apply for this loan is to place the vehicle as collateral, as the monthly interest rates drop considerably. Which is well below the amount that an unsecured personal loan provides, which is often quite high and does not offer division into so many installments.

What this article covers:

This is when you provide your car as collateral for the loan payment. If you do not make the payment, the company has the right to collect that vehicle informed in the act of request.

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Most of the time the year of manufacture of the car must be at least 2004 to be able to put it under warranty. According to the company’s rules, the minimum price to withdraw the money is 5 thousand reais, with a maximum of up to 90% of the value of the car.

Check out the 3 best car loan options below:


It is one of the most popular when it comes to car loans as collateral. With highly attractive rates, it’s a good one for those who want to take a certain amount and pay less for it.

The minimum amount to withdraw is five thousand reais, which can be divided into up to 60 installments. For those who urgently need a loan, this company will undoubtedly meet you.

Itaú loan

This bank has invested heavily in loans with vehicle guarantee, with total autonomy to cover competitors when it comes to interest rates.

With the possibility of withdrawing from 500 to 20 million reais, he is famous for always trying to bring the customer to the company, even if he has to cover amounts from other banks to do so. For those who have a bank account, it is a good measure.

BMG loan

With the current boom in the digital market, everything is done easily over the internet. That doesn’t change as far as the bank is concerned. BMG which has expanded significantly in recent years.

The great advantage of this bank is the longer term available to its customers. What fits best in the customer’s pocket to have more time off to pay.

Loans with collateral vehicles are currently the best when it comes to interest. With up-to-date payment, you can get a much better value and faster than other formats.

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