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loan of up to R$ 1000 is released in the application

Caixa Tem releases amounts from R$ 300 to R$ 1,000 to users who requested it when the loan option appeared available in the application, and it is worth mentioning that, like every loan, there will be an analysis to be carried out to confirm whether the person will be able to receive the values ​​or not.

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Who is entitled to the Caixa loan?

The loan will be directed to around 100 million people registered with Caixa Tem, with amounts from R$300 to R$1,000, and this microcredit program will have a percentage of 3.99% per month with payments in up to 24 installments.

Source/Reproduction: Caixa Tem

These values ​​will be analyzed during the loan application, according to all the information entered in the Caixa Tem register, in order to know better about the personal or business finance history. Credit will only be released to people after evaluation.

How do I apply for a Caixa Tem loan?

In order to apply for a loan, you will first need to update the Caixa Tem application in the app itself and go to the Credit Card option, then to Quero Meu Cartão Caixa Tem. Proceed to confirm your card shipping address and click Confirm. Enter your email to be able to send all your invoices and confirm again.

This will be an important step, as it is time to choose the limit and then the payment dates for your invoices. Accept all terms after having confirmed the other information and create a password as per the guidelines given by the app.

Caixa has loan types

There will be two categories of loans, the first will be Personal, ideal for personal use, and Productive, aimed at people who invest in business or entrepreneurs. Both options have the same interest rate, 3.99% and payments can be made in 24 installments.

New users with different calendar

Those who wish to apply for this loan, but do not have a Caixa Tem account, must do so and after registering, they must pay attention to the current calendar, which is separate for newcomers. Those born in the month of January to June on 11/8 were released to use the credit; in the month of July to August the release took place on 11/29 and finally, those from September and October were accepted to receive the credit on 12/13, November and December only on 12/27.

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