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Loader Droid – Awesome Android Download Manager with Resume Capabilities

Download managers cost a dime a dozen on Android, but if you want to find a really good one, you have to do a lot of searching and spend hours installing and testing the available selection.

Loader Droid Download Manager is a free (ad-supported) download manager for Android devices that is certainly one of the most convenient to use. Not only can it intercept a lot of downloads without any setup and from almost every app you run on Android, but it also comes with an impressive set of options and features that you can use to further tweak it.

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The app guides you through a series of readme pages that act as a tutorial. It’s a lot to read and if you just want to get started, skip it. You have options to read the pages later in case you get stuck or have problems using the program.

android download manager

There are two options available to use the download manager to download files to your Android device:

  • Automatic link interception.
  • Using the share function and the selection of Loader Droid.

The program displays an upload menu where you can make changes if you wish before the actual download begins. You can set the app to skip that screen and speed things up even more. To do so, open preferences and enable the “add uploads automatically” checkbox.

android download files

The app automatically splits downloads into three parts to speed up file uploads. One great feature is that it supports resume, so downloads can be resumed if your connection drops or you need to pause the download for a while.

Loader Droid is especially good at discovering multimedia files, audio or video, on web pages so that you can download them to your system using the application. Sometimes when you share a page with media using the app, you may notice that the page downloads instead of the media itself. The program blocks such downloads by default and offers to display the page in a special mode where you point it to the download link so that the media file is downloaded instead.

The download manager has a couple of tricks up its sleeve that can also come in handy on occasion. For example, you can use a link replacement feature for downloads that are not available during the download process. Instead of having to download the file all over again, you can restart where you left off if a mirror is available.

Downloads are automatically categorized into groups by the app based on their type so that you can easily find downloaded files on the program’s interface.


  1. The app plays a sound every time a download completes. I recommend you turn this off as it can be very irritating.
  2. You can select when you want the download manager to download files. The default setting is Wi-Fi Only, and you can add mobile networks and roaming to it if you want.
  3. If you notice a lag during downloads, try limiting the download speed in the options.
  4. Downloads can be scheduled to only run during a specific time.
  5. Many users of the app seem to use it to download videos from TV Portal. I haven’t tested it, but it seems to work fine according to reviews.
  6. You can have the program rescan the media when it has been downloaded so that it will show up in the Android media database right away.
  7. Links can also be added manually, which can be useful if you’ve already copied it to the clipboard or are about to.
  8. You can purchase a pro version of the program if you do not want to run the ad-supported version or prefer to use the space occupied by ads to download related information.


If you regularly download files with your Android device, especially media files and large files, but more or less all other files as well, you’ll surely appreciate the app resume capabilities and download-enhancing download features.

When it comes to download managers for Android, it doesn’t get any better than this.

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