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Lo Nuestro Awards: Sebastián Yatra mocks Bellakath’s curious song | VIDEO

Sebastian Yatra.

Photo: Sam Wasson/Getty Images

24 hours after the gala of the Lo Nuestro Awards, there are details that generate controversy. This time it was Sebastian Yatra who gave something to talk about at a press conference after the event, where he mocked the song “Gatita” performed by the Mexican Bellakath.

The singer of Colombian origin made it clear that he does not like the music of the former participant of “Enamorándonos” and despite the fact that he is one of the most acclaimed representatives of urban music, he is not a fan of “cumbiatón”.

Despite the fact that “Gatita” has become one of the most viral songs in recent months, it even reached the World Cup in Qatar and made everyone who was close to the person who played the song on a huge speaker dance, this regardless of the nationality of those present.

But it seems that Yatra was not happy at all and she did not make him dance to the theme of Bellakath either, since Tini Stoessel’s ex-boyfriend assured that if aliens want to invade us, when they hear “Gatita” they return immediately.

“Today I heard it, there is a song about a kitten that is very close. How is La Gatita doing, what does she say? Because it’s as if a green Martian comes here and wants to conquer us and I put that song on him that man returns. Very past my joke, sorry”


So far, Bellakath has not ruled on the matter after Sebastián Yatra’s statements, however, Mexican followers defended not only the music that this famous woman makes, but also ensure that the Colombian is not a great musician either.

And it is that, users of social networks believe that Yatra wanted to diminish the talent of Bellakath, for which they have already nicknamed him “Mozart” this making a mockery of the fact that the singer does not have the voice that the world expected.

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