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Lizzo causes a sensation by showing herself as one of the characters in the film “Avatar: the way of water”


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lizzo is one of the many people who have gone to see the film “Avatar: the way of water”and decided to post on his account TikTok a video that shows her on the beach characterized as a cosplay like Tsireya, one of the characters in that film. The message she wrote next to the clip was: “Yes, I saved this video, uploaded it as private, and then did a duet with myself.”

In response to a comment from one of his fans asking for a trailer for “Avatar 3”the successful singer shared another clip that shows her in the sea and accompanied it with the text: “Tell James Cameron I’m ready.”

Lizzo is an artist who has always promoted the empowerment of women and non-discrimination in terms of physical appearance.; That is why she posted a video a few days ago in which she was somewhat annoyed and said: “I’ve seen comments ranging from, ‘Oh my God, I liked you when you were dumb. Why did you lose weight?’ ‘I liked your body before.’ ‘Oh my gosh, you’re so big. You need to lose weight but for your health’ Are we okay? Do you see the deception? Do you realize that artists are not here to fit your beauty standards? Artists are here to make art. And this body is art. I’m going to do what I want with this body. I wish the comments cost everyone money so we could see how much time we are wasting on the wrong thing. Can we leave that **** behind, please?”

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