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Living room wall texture ideas

At wall textures are capable of innovating decoration, surpassing the standardized aesthetics of conventional paintings. Depending on how it is worked, the texturing effect is capable of mounting a panel in the vertical space and ending the monotony of the house.

Both the living room and the living room can receive the charm and elegance of the textured finish🇧🇷 This investment in decoration promises to make the environments more receptive and provide new experiences to residents, combining relief and colors.

Some textures are surprising for their creativity, as is the case with those that simulate the appearance of materials. Other techniques also make it possible to vary the aesthetic effect of the wall according to the instrument used. Anyway, there are many possibilities for those who want to insert dynamism and attitude into interior design.

The first step to making the finishing is preparing the wall. In this way, remove dust and residues accumulated on the surface. It is important to protect the other areas of the house so as not to get paint on them, so use masking tape to demarcate and prevent the floor, ceiling or baseboard from being painted. If the surface is uneven, it is essential to sand it.

What this article covers:

Living room wall textures

Texture with rose effect

pink texture

Spread the textured mass on the wall with a trowel, taking care in the amount to highlight the relief. When the surface is even, close your hands, press it against the wall and rotate it slightly to make the rose mark. Carry out the process several times, until you get the effect of several united roses.

After the putty dries, apply the acrylic texture gel in the desired color.

Linen effect texture

Linen effect.

Use a roller to apply two coats of acrylic paint, waiting for one coat to dry before applying the next. Then use acrylic gel on the surface. Then, with the wall still wet, run a washing brush vertically to finish, creating streaks with the bristles. Then repeat the movement, only horizontally.

Wood effect texture

wood effect

Apply two coats of acrylic paint, wait for it to dry and then spread the acrylic gel over the surface. To make the marking that recalls the aesthetics of wood, use a roller with a wood effect, moving it vertically over the still wet gel.

Denim effect texture

denim effect

Apply two layers of white acrylic paint, always respecting the drying interval between them. Then apply the blue acrylic gel evenly. Roll the denim effect roller over the still wet wall, vertically and then horizontally.

Texture with Lunar Effect

lunar effect

Apply the texture putty to the wall with the help of a crumpled piece of plastic. Once this is done, smooth the relief with a trowel and let the finish dry for 12 hours. Sand the textured wall and use a damp cloth to remove dust. Finally, use a metallic acrylic paint to color the moon effect.

Take advantage of the suggestions to make the room more beautiful and cozy.

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