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Living great experiences on a boat trip

Contrary to popular belief, taking a boat trip is not just for people who are in the world of celebrities or millionaires. Yes, that’s because you don’t need to buy one to live exciting moments, since it is possible to rent a boat quickly and simply. In this article, we’ll explain everything and you’ll see that it’s very easy to make that big dream come true and keep your most beautiful memories with family and friends forever.

In addition to the feeling of happiness when being in the company of special people, you will enjoy the most varied emotions on a boat trip through Brazil (or the world), and you will also be enchanted by the most beautiful landscapes – whether at sea or on land.

What this article covers:

Discover boat rental options to enjoy

Brazil is a country full of beaches and a lot of nature from north to south, and whether you are a tourist or a native of the place, a boat trip can expand this experience of knowing and enjoying everything that is present on the Brazilian coast, in addition to feeling the sweet sound of freedom that only those who sail the seas feel.

Speaking of which, you don’t need to know how to navigate or have a nautical license to take a boat trip, because Click&Boat rentals are with captain on board. Thus, your only concern will be to enjoy the ride and enjoy exciting moments, as seen in great scenes from soap operas and movies.

Today, this experience can be lived by anyone looking for the best in life, as Click&Boat provides the service quickly and online, and can be done through the company’s website or application. Having made the rental request, just wait for the chosen date and leave to live special moments with friends, couples, family or even work.

Boat rental is totally safe and exclusive because you will only be accompanied by the people you choose, and there will be no one else on the boat besides you, the skipper and your guests. This is in line with what the health authorities require in relation to the restrictions caused by the pandemic, as it respects social distancing without unnecessary contact with crowds, which could pose health risks.

With risks and bureaucracies out of the list of impediments, all you have to do is choose a route and rent your boat for an unforgettable trip. There are several coastal cities in Brazil that have boat rental services, catering to all tastes.

How much does it cost to rent a boat?

Many people imagine that renting a boat is something from another world, but they are wrong because everything is facilitated – including in relation to the prices offered. According to the Click&Boat platform, boat rentals vary on average from R$1,000 to R$3,000 per day (depending on the boat, it may even cost less).

In addition to Brazil, it is possible to rent a boat in Portugal, as there are more than 40,000 boats available to cater to all types of customers. In Brazil, some of the options are Angra dos Reis (RJ), Paraty (RJ), Salvador (BA), Guarujá (SP) and Ubatuba (SP), in addition to several other coastal locations. In Portugal some of the options are Porto, Lisbon, Setúbal and Algarve, among others.

What to do during a boat trip?

Besides the simple pleasure of walking aboard a boat exploring the sea and appreciating the beauties of the islands and beach towns, it is possible to do many other things. A date or marriage proposal is something unusual, interesting and romantic to do during a boat trip. It is a memory that will never be erased from the minds of those who experienced the moment.

Celebrating a birthday, wedding anniversary or even a promotion at work is also something that can be done during a tour and make the moment more special. There is no shortage of ideas to enjoy the moment, just use your creativity and make everything much more special.

For those who like to share special moments on social networks, take photos and videos on board a boat and in paradisiacal places, this is a very interesting tip. Followers love to see moments like this and appreciate the beautiful images on the InstagramFacebook and other social networks.

It’s also a way to gain new followers and even, who knows, become a digital influencer. People like to follow those who show the bright side of life and inspire others to follow the same path. It is worth investing in a program of this nature, as the boat trip can be, in addition to a great leisure activity, a boost in your personal marketing.

Now that you know how it works, take the opportunity to choose the destination that suits you best, get in touch with Click&Boat and book your tour. Beautiful places, safety, ease and tranquility are together in this right choice.

See a date you want to make this dream come true and get ready for the great emotions that only a boat trip can provide.

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