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Livia Brito confesses that she already has a date to get pregnant with twins!

Livia Brito She is back in the spotlight, but this time it is not because of a scandal, but because of a sweet decision, because she will seek to be the mother of TWINS! Therefore she will be able to pause her career.

In a chat with the “Hoy” program, Brito uncovered the plans he has for this 2023, in which he has no plans to have a leading role. But he seeks to start a family.

The protagonist of soap operas such as “La desalmada” and “Muchachita italiana viene a casarse” said that she is looking to become a mother, but she will do it through artificial insemination since she wants to have twins.

Without keeping anything, Livia Brito said that she hopes that in February and March she can fulfill her pregnancy wish, so she ruled out going to work at this time in the new season of “La desalmada”, one of his most important projects in recent times.

It was in 2021 when Televisa gave a resounding blow to the competition with the premiere of the series “La desalmada”, which was starred by Livia Brito, José Ron and Eduardo Santamarina.

The telenovela recorded high audience levels, so everyone wondered if there would be a second season.

After several weeks of complete speculation, in an interview, Livia Brito revealed that there are plans for a new season, which would have to be delayed in case she gets pregnant since she is the protagonist of the plot.

It should be remembered that despite his multiple projects, he has really monopolized the cameras for his multiple scandals against the press. Well, she was even sued for mistreatment of a photographerwhom she and her partner allegedly beat for taking them while they were enjoying the beach.

So some Internet users revealed in the comments of this interview that they hope that she can calm down by becoming a mother, since it is not the first time that she has starred in this type of altercation.

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