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Live cheaply in January – 7 simple tips

January is sometimes called the month of the poor, and of course it can feel a little extra difficult to get enough money this month. Here are seven simple tips to make the month a little easier.

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When Christmas and New Year are over, the poor month of January begins – but there are things you can do to make life bearable this month too. Try our tips to make your pennies last longer.

1. Be open about your financial situation

Most people are strapped for cash in January so there’s no need to pretend you think that expensive restaurant dinner is a good idea. Instead, suggest that the group of friends see each other and have parties at each other’s houses, go for walks and other activities that are cheap or free.

2. Train for free

Gym passes can be expensive. Instead, find a gym that has a free trial period in January, or train outside. If you decide to start running, you can try a free app to track your results. There are also a plethora of exercise videos on Youtube that you can try.

3. Change streaming service

See if you can find a streaming service that has a one-month trial offer. Another hot tip is that many libraries lend movies for free, so see what your local library offers.

4. Make the coffee at home

If there’s any month you’d do best to skip the takeaway coffee, it’s January. Motivate yourself by thinking about how much money you save – a coffee for SEK 20-50 a few times a week becomes expensive in the long run. Also, don’t forget the water bottle when you go out. You can spend that extra 20 kroner on something much more useful.

5. Lunch box

Always having a lunch box with you to work can save you an incredible amount of money. Make a big cookout over the weekend and try to use things that are in season. In January, this means, for example: Brussels sprouts, kale, artichokes, turnip onions, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, celeriac, beets, red cabbage and white cabbage.

Now there are also extra people who buy food online – take the chance and place an order in peace and quiet from home at, for example Mathem.se (SEK 200 discount on the first purchase over SEK 750), get ready-made grocery bags with everything you need from Lina’s Matkasse or fill the pantry with finds from Food smart!

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6. Sell your old stuff

Clean out the closet, attic and basement and sell what you don’t need on, for example, Blocket or Tradera. In addition to the fact that you will have more money at the end of the month, it is always nice to have a good purge.

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7. Skip the car

See if you can save money on transport. Can you cycle or walk, carpool or take the bus? Leave the car standing as much as possible. Who knows, maybe you’ll get better fitness in the process!

8. Take advantage of student discounts

Regardless of whether you are looking for clothes, food, pharmacy goods or streaming services, there are loads of discounts for you who are students. Check out The student card before you buy something at full price.

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