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Little Prince theme birthday decoration

A good theme suggestion for the the boy’s birthday is the Little PrincešŸ‡§šŸ‡· The character has been successful for decades in children’s literature and will certainly be a source of inspiration when decorating children’s birthday parties.

The Little Prince is a perfect theme to celebrate a boy’s birthday.

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Little Prince theme birthday decoration

Before making or buying ornaments, it is important to gather as much information about the theme as possible. The event organizer must know the main characters of the book and take advantage of the guidelines of Antoine de Saint-ExupƩry to assemble the party ornaments and even create scenarios that recall passages from the book.

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In the child context, the little prince birthday theme Its main purpose is to associate the image of the child with that of the protagonist of the story, highlighting its purity and innocence. Parents are usually the ones who opt for this theme to inspire the look of the 1, 2 or 3 year celebration. But, there are also exceptions, that is, children who renounce the famous TV cartoons to choose the Little Prince.

The decoration should be delicate and value the characters.

knowing the topic

The Little Prince is a book created by the French writer Antoine de Saint-ExupƩry. The launch took place in 1943, but the work went through decades being read and reread by children, young people and adults.

The book tells the story of an aviator, whose plane crashes in the Sahara desert. He is lost at first, until a small boy appears, dressed as a prince, asking him to draw a sheep. The aviator complies with the boy’s wish and soon after they begin to create a bond of friendship.

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along the the little prince book talks about his tiny planet, the rose he left behind, the trips he made to other places in the universe and his first friends on Earth, as is the case with the fox. All of the boy’s adventures are narrated by the aviator in a delicate and creative way.

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How to decorate the Little Prince party?

Sweets made according to the theme.

At main decor colors of Pequeno PrĆ­ncipe are light blue, dark blue and white, but it is also possible to work with yellow and red details. The walls of the party environment can have decorative panels and balloons, highlighting the main elements that appear in the book. Also set up small scenarios in space so that children can better interact with the theme.

You ornaments are very important to enhance the theme and surprise the guests, so bet on the pending planets, the fox, the plane, the stars, the rose, the ram, the snake, the aviator and, of course, the Little Prince. These ornaments can be made of fabric, styrofoam, plastic, wood, among other materials.

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use provencal furniture to decorate the party, thus enhancing the atmosphere of delicacy. THE main table can enhance this style, in addition to being decorated with the decorations of the main characters. It is important to reserve the central space for the cake decorated according to the theme and also some areas for the trays of confectionery. The background can be set up with balloons matching the theme colors.

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