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Lionel Messi’s mother speaks after violent threats against the footballer in Argentina

Antonela Roccuzzo (I) and Celia Cuccittini (R), wife and mother of Lionel Messi, respectively.

Photo: Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

After breaking the news of the attack on the supermarket of the father of Antonela Rocuzzo, wife of Lionel Messi, in Rosario, Argentina, in which they left a note addressed to the world champion in Qatar with a threatthe mother of the PSG footballer spoke about it.

Celia Cuccittini first calmed everyone down, revealing her condition by saying that they were fine. “It was in Anto’s father’s supermarket“, and I add: “We never moved with custody, we lead a normal life”, he told Maite Peñoñori.

Let’s remember that after giving the business 14 bullet wounds, they also left a note addressed to the soccer player, which says: “Messi we are waiting for you, Javkin is a narco, he will not take care of you”also splashing the mayor of Rosario, a personality who also spoke on this delicate subject.

“I am mayor of the city, I don’t manage the security forces and when I asked they didn’t let me. It is very clear that it is easy to hurt Rosario and that for Rosario there is not a damn of concrete help ”, said Pablo Javkin.

Without a doubt, this will be a topic that will give more to talk about later, since directly or indirectly attacking Messi or his family is something that will not be left unpunished, something that the mayor of Rosario spoke about.

“This has to be a limit point, let’s not let them dirty Rosario so easily ”, he said when asking for more action from the security forces.

The reason for which they would have carried out the attack, which is believed to have been carried out by two people on a motorcycle linked to the city’s barrabravas, would be due to an alleged crusade between Javkin and Miguel Ángel Russo for having said that there were players who refused to play in Rosario due to the ever-present insecurity.

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