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Lionel Messi shows his full support for “Argentina, 1985”, an Oscar-nominated film, with an analogy of his world championship

Lionel Messi became a trend this Monday, but this time it was not precisely because of a soccer theme, but because of one that has to do with cinema and, specifically, with the movie “Argentina, 1985”, nominated for an Oscarto which he showed his support on social networks by making an analogy with the third star in the albiceleste shirt, recently obtained in the Qatar World Cup 2022.

Through an Instagram story, the football star expressed his support for the film and his desire to win the Academy Award for Best International Film, which would be the third in history for an Argentine feature filmjust months after the National soccer team He will also win his third trophy in a World Cup.

“What a great film ‘Argentina, 1985’, with Ricardo Darín and nominated for an Oscar. Let’s go for the third ”, Messi wrote, referring to the fact that it would be the third Oscar in this category for a film from his country. The text was accompanied by an image of its two protagonists smiling, as if anticipating a victory.

“Argentina, 1985”, will compete in the category against “Close” (Lukas Dhont, Belgium), “No news at the front” (Edward Berger, Germany), “EO” (Jerzy Skolimowski, Poland) and “The Quiet Girl” (Colm Bairead, Ireland). The winning film will be announced on March 12 at the ceremony to be held in Los Angeles.

What is “Argentina, 1985” about?

“Argentina, 1985”, the highest grossing film in Argentine theaters during its first month, upon its premiere on September 29, 2022, narrates what was done by the prosecutors Strassera (Ricardo Darín) and Ocampo (Peter Lanzani) during the process against the genocidal of the Military Dictatorship.

This film, which has been described by critics from various national media as ane of the best films in the history of Argentina, already won at the 2023 Golden Globes for Best Foreign Language Film, the goya for Best Ibero-American Film and won the Special Audience Award in Saint Sebastian.

The soccer wink in the gratitude of the actor Ricardo Darín

At the ceremony, upon winning the Golden Globe, one of the protagonists, Ricardo Darín, thanked the public with a soccer referencerecalling the achievement of the albiceleste team in Qatar 2022.

“I am going to dedicate a couple of words in Spanish, for all the people of Argentina. After the world championship, this is a great joy. I love”, he pointed out.

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