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LinkedIn is the most spoofed brand in phishing scams

Check Point Research’s Q1 2022 Brand Phishing Report has just come out. It brings out the brands that are most imitated by criminals, who impersonate them to make victims click or leave their credentials in inappropriate places. LinkedIn

The study is worldwide in scope. For the first time since the report was made, the social network of professionals LinkedIn ranked first. Criminals who tried to impersonate her committed more than half (52%) of all phishing attempts in the period. It was a 44% increase over the previous quarter.


Distant second place goes to the logistics company DHL, with 14% of attempts. This was at number one in late 2021, when LinkedIn was spoofed in only 8% of detected threats.

The top 10 places are as follows:

  1. LinkedIn (52%)
  2. DHL (14%)
  3. Google (7%)
  4. Microsoft (6%)
  5. FedEx (6%)
  6. WhatsApp (4%)
  7. Amazon (2%)
  8. Maersk (1%)
  9. AliExpress (0.8%)
  10. Apple (0.8%)

How criminals use LinkedIn for phishing

LinkedIn is used by criminals in schemes offering work (obviously false). People receive the “opportunity” via email and are directed to a malicious link. There, they can have their computers infected, or be tricked into passing their LinkedIn login (and with it, possibly other repeated personal passwords), or even filling out a fake job application with all their personal data.

In the case of DHL, the idea is to send “tracking” of a shipment that the person may be waiting for, or even with them being “awarded” with the delivery of a valuable product that they were not even expecting. The logic is the same: get the victim to click on a malicious link.

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