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Limit of up to R$ 1 thousand on the PIX will start to be valid today

Thanks to measures recently approved by the Central Bank (BC), PIX, one of the most well-known and used payment methods, now has a limit of up to R$ 1,000 in mostly night operations with hours between 8 pm and 6 am starting today ( 4/10/2021). This measure was approved by the Central Bank in September, with the aim of repressing fraud, kidnapping and night robberies.

However, accounts of legal entities were not affected by the measure. This containment applies not only to PIX operations, but also to other payment systems (pay slips and credit card transactions are examples).

What this article covers:

Can you change the limits?

Service users will be able to change transfer limits through applications or by contacting banks and similar entities. However, such increases will only be effected 24h to 48h after the client’s request instead of immediately as before (by some institutions).

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There is also an obligation for financial institutions to allow different limits for moving the PIX during the day and at night, allowing for lower limits at night. There will still be permission for early registration of accounts that may admit PIX beyond the already established limits, maintaining low limits for other transactions.

Changes from November 16th

In addition, the central bank (BC) similarly stipulated complementary measures that will come into effect on November 16. One of these measures is blocking the receipt of operations through PIX to individuals for up to 72 hours. This is in case the favored account is used for fraud.

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