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Lili Estefan revealed that Angélica Rivera was found heartbroken

Lili Estefan revealed that Angélica Rivera was found crying inconsolably… Yes, he told it in ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, and he even explained that he was talking for a long time with the former First Lady of Mexico.

Why I cried? Because of the new controversy over excessive photoshop in your photos? Why did she go too far in the surgeries?… This time it had nothing to do with the controversy, but with a very, very sad moment, the death of her best friend..

Fairly at Rosaura Hernández’s wake, is where Lili met Angélica and not only did he see her crying inconsolably, but even He was able to verify that the photos we have seen where he is unrecognizable, it was just an excess of photoshop.

She herself told me that Rosaura had helped her a lot in the healing process, what had happened to her publicly, with her ex-husband, the former president of Mexico“, began by telling Lili on the Univision afternoon show.

But regarding his physical appearance, especially his face and the supposed surgeriesthis was what Lili said: “I saw her obviously without a mask, crying, without makeup, she told me that she had been crying for 5 days. I think that all this was put together because someone published her with too many filters, they put 50 filters on you and they post you and they think they are doing you something good, but no“.

In this way, Lili Estefan threw out the supposed surgeries of La Gaviota and clarified that it was only an excess of filters. So we will continue to see her with the same face as always.



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