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Lili Estefan denies divorce rumors between her friend Thalía and Tommy Mottola: “Everything is perfect”

In the midst of speculation of infidelity by Tommy Mottola towards his wife Thaliawas lily estefan who He came out in defense of the singer and her marriage, assuring that everything is going well and divorce is not in his plans. Read on to find out the details!

It was during the most recent broadcast of ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ that the famous host took the microphones to defend her friend and reveal that the couple is fine despite rumors of infidelity with the Peruvian Leslie Shaw.

Today I spoke with both of them, they are happy, they are happy, everything is perfect, everything is spectacular. I can’t imagine Thalía ever coming out to deny any of these four gossips, Raúl, because I don’t know, it’s irrelevant“, declared Lili Estefan before the cameras of the program.

Likewise, the television presenter did not miss the opportunity to condemn the source that started the rumors that Thalia and the music producer Tommy Mottola have starred in.

I am not going to mention the name of the person who believes all this gossip, but I am sure that many people know it because they are not the first to believe ThaliaThalía has been told one about Shakira, another about the Aguilar family, another about clothes that she had supposedly taken from a jewelry store in Los Angeles recently, and this is the fourth time that this same person has created gossip about her, “he said. .

Despite the statements that Lili Estefan issued, the public did not take long to share their opinion on the matter and this did not favor the couple.

“Defending her friends, when the river sounds it is because it brings stones”, “As her friend is, she wants to cover the sun with a finger” and “Hard to believe”, are some of the comments that were on the net after the statements were released from the communicator

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