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Lili Estefan defends Jorge Salinas: “He is a kisser”

Lili Estefan.

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“He is a kisser”… Thus, downplaying the scandal in which Jorge Salinas is involved with his nutritionist, Anna Paula Guerrero Castillo, Lili Estefan defends the actor this afternoon in ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’.

lily, who in these types of stories usually sides with the woman, supposedly deceivedas we have seen in the case of Shakira and Gerard Piqué, or Geraldine Bazán and Gabriel Sotojust to name two cases, seems to think differently in this story.

On Wednesday afternoon, La Flaca and Raúl de Molina, presented a piece where, for the first time, Jorge Salinas spoke about the controversial photos published by TvNotas magazine where he appears to be kissing his doctor.

After the presentation of the telenovela ‘Forgive Our Sins’ on Televisa, Mexico, he stood in the middle of a circle of reportersand when he confirmed that they were all listening, he spoke for the first time. He assured that he loves his wife, Elizabeth Álvarez, that neither before, nor now, nor had he ever cheated on her with another woman.nor had he ever had an extramarital affair.

Unlike the nutritionist, who a few days ago confirmed that Salinas had kissed her that day and that she left because she thought it was funnyAlthough the actor avoided talking about the kiss, he assured that he respects and loves his family and his wife, and that he assumes all the consequences.

Although he did not make it very clear what he means by the consequences, he denied and denied everything and even broke the news that the magazine has a video coming out soon.

Upon returning from the note, Raúl and Lili commented on it, but, as we told you at the beginning, unlike all the previous occasions, this time they justified the actor saying that it is his style that everyone knows that he is a ‘kisser’.

Let’s remember that it is not the first time that Salinas has been involved in a cheating scandalthat was how He was left by his first wife Fátima Boggio, mother of his twins, when she discovered that he was having an affair with the actress, Andrea Noliwith whom he also had a daughter out of wedlock.

Nevertheless, By marrying Elizabeth Álvarez, things seemed to have calmed down with the actor, at least publicly.until the story of the nutritionist who he denies and she confirms.



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