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Lightyear is coming to Disney+ this August • ENTER.CO

Lightyear was not as successful as the studio expected at the box office. Some blame a three-second kiss. Others blame the fact that the movie wasn’t that good in the first place. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you were one of the people who didn’t go to the theaters because, let’s face it, at that time there were a lot of things that sparked more interest.

You can finally satisfy your interest, make your best meme about Lightyear’s homosexualizing ray or join the long list of people who pull their clothes because Pixar and Disney are now ‘woke’: Lightyear will arrive next August 3 to Disney +.

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The movie arrives pretty quickly on Disney+. Although it complies with the minimum 45-day release window, the studio usually waits at least three months before including its most recent films in the catalog of its streaming service. However, we can assume that Lightyear’s poor performance prompted the studio to move up its release on the streaming service a bit now that the film is in the bottom of the weekend box office.

For now, it looks like Lightyear won’t have any new adaptations or sequels on the way. However, Disney+ may be the film’s last chance to redeem itself. If the film gets a good number of views on its weekend on the platform, it will prove that perhaps the real problem was not the film, but that its success scenario was not the June billboard.

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