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Lighting for home and office

Lighting for home and office is what you are looking for? So know that there are many models that promise to contribute both to lighting and also to the look of the environment. Read the article and check out amazing tips to get the model right.

Light fixtures for home and office. (Photo: Disclosure)

Defining the best luminaire for each environment is no simple task. To make the right choice, you need to consider the needs of the space, the style of decoration and the budget available to invest. Anyway, the luminaire needs to fulfill its role of offering more visibility to the space where it is inserted.

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What this article covers:

Lighting for home and office

Lighting has a strong influence on the activities we carry out on a daily basis. When it is chosen inappropriately, it can intensify stress and headaches. There are several models of luminaires on the market, but to choose the best piece, it is necessary to seek compatibility with the lamp chosen to illuminate a certain space.

Below are some suggestions for light fixtures for home and office🇧🇷

home lighting models

Cozy lighting for the bedroom. (Photo: Disclosure)

Everyone likes to live in a well-lit house, however, the lights need to be worked on according to the proposal of each space. While some rooms ask for a softer and more cozy light, others need white and clear light. Check out:

Bedroom: this environment combines with a softer and more cozy light, so we recommend working with yellow lamps. In addition to the lamp installed on the ceiling, it is also worth working with table lamps, arranged on the nightstands.

Living room: the living room is a cozy and welcoming environment, which is why it is worth working with a very sophisticated pendant lamp. If the walls in the room are white, use yellow lamps.

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Dining room: a large chandelier installed on the ceiling promises to transform the look of this room. The choice is sophisticated and also impresses all those who share meals.

Kitchen: this environment calls for the use of a simpler luminaire, that is, without any kind of refinement. The light needs to be bright, white and diffused.

Pendant light fixtures in the kitchen. (Photo: Disclosure)

WC: the same style of lighting used in the living room doesn’t always work for the bathroom. This space in the house calls for brighter lighting that optimizes visibility as much as possible. White lighting is a great strategy to reinforce the idea of ​​cleanliness.

office lighting models

Since the office is a work and study space, it is not possible to work with any type of lighting. The environment requires a luminaire with white, clear and well diffused lamps. This care will certainly improve the productivity of those who work or study in the environment on a daily basis.

The office needs to be well lit to contribute to productivity. (Photo: Disclosure)

Photos of light fixtures for home and office

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Enjoy the tips from light fixtures for home and office🇧🇷 With our suggestions, you will be able to define the right lighting for each space.

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