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Light chocolate truffles – Manzanaroja

The light chocolate truffles are some cocoa candy small, round and tasty. They are called truffles because they resemble underground mushrooms. Light chocolate truffles are easy to prepare and very sweet, they are ideal if you are on a diet, since they are made with light ingredients to make them more accessible. The perfect idea for an afternoon break, for the classic dessert at the end of a meal or even as a gift to take away when you are a guest. Discover here all the ManzanaRoja light desserts.

The preparation of light truffles it is quick and simple, also suitable for those who have a lot of time to dedicate to cooking. And you can prepare them in advance: in fact, light truffles keep well in the fridge, wrapped in plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

Bitter cocoa completes the recipe, covering the heart of the sweets with its characteristic flavor. If you like, you can make your light truffles even more delicious by adding a sprinkle of icing sugar, coconut, or cocoa chips.

Light chocolate truffles: nutritional properties

Fresh cheese (Philadelphia, Burgos or cottage cheese) and dark chocolate are the basic ingredients of light truffles, which are also nutritious thanks to the properties of the cheeses. The taste of the truffles is not too sweet because only dark chocolate is used, not milk or white. Dark chocolate is also less caloric and less fatty, so it can be consumed in moderation in a balanced diet.

The chocolate stimulates the serotonin production and therefore has an exciting and antidepressant action on the nervous system. In fact, serotonin is a hormone produced by the brain that determines a good mood. When production is not enough, there is a risk of depression; many antidepressants have precisely the function of normalizing serotonin levels. The chocolate therefore performs a totally natural antidepressant action! In addition, it contains a lot of fiber, thus becoming a food that gives a strong feeling of satiety.
Cottage cheese type fresh cheese is a fresh and light dairy product, excellent to consume during hypocaloric diets because, compared to cured cheese, it has a low fat content. It represents an important source of calcium, a precious mineral for musculoskeletal growth during childhood and adolescence, but also essential in adulthood.

light chocolate truffles

  • 120 g lean ricotta
  • 40 g amaro cocoa
  • 80 g fondant cioccolato
  • 3 cucchiai di zucchero a velo
Tartufi di cioccolato light



    Melt the dark chocolate in a bain-marie and allow to cool.

    tartufi di cioccolato light
  2. Mix the ricotta with the icing sugar, then add the melted chocolate and cocoa and mix again until the mixture is smooth.

    tartufi di cioccolato light phase due
  3. Refrigerate the mixture for at least two to three hours, or until almost solid.

    tartufi di cioccolato light phase three
  4. Then form balls, then pass them on a plate with bitter cocoa and store your truffles in the refrigerator until serving them well covered.

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