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Life’s bucket list – How many of the 51 items do you check off?

There are a bunch of things we’d love to check off before we die. Some easier to achieve than others. Here we suggest 51 points to realize in life!

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How many points can you already check off?

1. Laughed till you cried

2. Swim with dolphins

3. Ate pastries until you (almost) puke

4. Go slalom in the Alps

5. Bathed in crystal clear water

6. Partyed in Las Vegas

7. Travel around Asia

8. Go on a safari

9. Visited Disney World in Florida

10. Ate a Mexican dinner in Mexico

11. Dive in Australia

12. Seen the Grand Canyon in real life

13. Ride a helicopter

14. Walked in Central Park

15. Painted the walls in color

16. Acquired pet

17. Drawn a colorful drawing in adulthood

18. Sung karaoke

19. Built a piece of furniture from scratch

20. Busy ring in adulthood

21. Surprised someone with a party

22. Had a shot race

23. Woke up under the open sky

24. Ride a jet ski

25. Bathed neck in the sea

26. Camped in tents

27. Mountain hike in Norrland

28. Ride a motorcycle

29. Jumped out of a plane

30. Did something crazy

31. Did something you never thought you would dare

32. Galloped across a meadow

33. Baked and ate the entire batter

34. Been on TV

35. Resigned (from a job you don’t want anyway)

36. Donated blood

37. Acquired godchild

38. Obtained driver’s license

39. Went on a road trip

40. Been madly in love

41. Been in love several times

42. Driven over 130 km/h

43. Dive among colorful fish

44. Lived by myself

45. Jumped bungy jump

46. ​​Smitit from the note

47. Met an idol

48. Begged someone to tighten up…

49. Booked a one-way trip without return

50. Hitchhiked to an unknown location

51. Treat yourself to something really nice

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