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Lidl reveals the new prices on reduced items – see the list here

After Wednesday’s announcement that Lidl Sweden is freezing and lowering the price of over a hundred products, the food chain is now presenting which products are covered by the initiative. It’s everything from milk, coffee and bread to fruit, vegetables and delicacies, with an average reduction of 11 percent. Individual products are reduced by more than 30 percent.

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Last Wednesday, Lidl Sweden announced that it is lowering and freezing the prices of over a hundred items, something that has received enormous attention and has been appreciated by both customers and opinion leaders. Now the food chain presents which products are part of the initiative and initially receive a reduced and frozen price.

Starting Monday, March 27, a large number of items from approximately fifty suppliers will receive new lower prices, including coffee, milk and meat items. During the first week, there are more than 100 products, with reductions of more than 30 percent on individual items. Additional items will be added in the coming weeks. The new prices will be an average of 11 percent lower than before.

Here are some of the most popular items that will be discounted:

Milk -13% (9.90 SEK/l)
Chicken fillet -9% (89.50 SEK/600 gr)
Toast -12%, (21.90 SEK)
Liver pate -8% (10.90 SEK/200 gr)
Lemons -12% (21.90 SEK/500 gr)
Grapefruit -10% (SEK 8.90/piece)
Apples -8% (36.90 SEK/kg)
Salad -11% (SEK 23.90/piece)
Chilli fruit -19% (12.90 SEK/50 gr)
Mozzarella -7% (11.90 SEK/125 gr)
Bacon -6% (13.90 SEK/140 gr)
Drinking yogurt -16% (9.90 SEK/330 gr)
Yoghurt -13% (19.90 SEK/kg)
Creamy yogurt -23% (9.90 SEK/150 gr)
Grilled sausage -5% (73.90/kg)
Salami -6% (69.90/650 gr)
Polly candy -9% (22.50 SEK/200 gr)
Olives -14% (22.90 SEK/200 gr)
Beer -16% (4.90/33 cl)
Toilet paper -9% (SEK 55.90/6 pcs.)
Oatmeal -21% (14.90/750 gr)
Coffee -6% (39.90/450 gr)
Beef fillet -10% (449 SEK/kg)
Lekerol -8% (22.90/75 gr)
Lingonberry -25% (14.90 SEK/225 gr)
File -14% (11.90/1 l)
Mackerel in tomato sauce -5% (37.90 SEK/3 cans)
Rolls -14% (5.90 SEK/86 gr)
Cauliflower -10% (26.90/piece)
Sunflower oil -7% (34.90 SEK/l)
Hot smoked salmon -6% (43.90 SEK/125 gr)
Chickpeas -20% (SEK 7.90/230 gr)
Beetroot -31% (12.90 SEK/430 gr)

– The response we have received is completely overwhelming and shows how great a need there is for this type of initiative. It makes me extremely proud that we were able to show the way. This will cost money, but we are prepared to take this cost to make it easier for Swedish households. We have selected a large number of products that we believe our customers will appreciate. It’s everything from everyday goods such as milk, bread and coffee, to organic fruit and vegetables and the occasional treat. We list all products openly on our website and in our stores, says Jakob Josefsson, Head of Sweden at Lidl.

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