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Lidl lowers and freezes the price of over a hundred items

The rampant prices of food in Sweden have become a hotly debated topic in recent times. Now Lidl announces in one press release that they should lower and freeze the price of over a hundred items.

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As of Monday, March 27, Lidl Sweden is lowering the price of “over a hundred” items, they announced in a press release.

“A challenging time for Swedish households”

According to the company, the new prices – which will affect goods such as coffee, milk and meat products – will apply for at least two months. They also write that the new prices will be 11 percent lower on average than before, and that some goods will be as much as 32 percent cheaper.

“We have selected a large number of popular products that we will give a new lower standard price. These measures will cost money, but we are prepared to bear the cost and do what is necessary to support Swedish households in an economically challenging time. We openly report which products are covered by the price freeze and will make it visible in the stores,” says Jakob Josefsson, Sweden manager Lidl.

Increases most in the north

Food prices in Sweden have increased most recently in the north. According to Food price checks founder, Ulf Mazur, the price increase in February was the highest they have ever measured since they started the site in 2015.

In the daily goods category, prices increased by 2.1 percent in February, while they increased by 2.5 percent in the food category. This can be compared with the price increase for daily goods in 2021:

“For the whole of 2021, the price increase for daily goods was 1.1 percent. Now it’s twice as much just in February,” Mazur told SVT News earlier this month.

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