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Libra 2022 season begins: how your sign can use it in your favor

The Libra season starts this Thursday, September 22 and lasts until October 22. This air sign, ruled by Venus, the planet in charge of love and values, inspires us with peace, harmony, balance, justice, fairness, creativity and prioritizes our relationships, and astrology tells us how we can use these energies in our favor. , according to the signs of the zodiac.

The key, according to astrologers on the LifeStyleAsia.com site, It will be learning to balance our limits, which fortunately for all will not be so complicated because the spiritual vibe of Libra will help us with it. Here’s how your sign can use the 2022 Libra season to their advantage.

Your sign must release patterns of negativity and prejudice. You can help yourself with practices like meditation to remind yourself that you are the creator of his reality and not a victim of circumstances.

It is the perfect time for Taurus to practice self-love. It will be easier to manifest if he follows the cycle of give and take to balance his feelings and thus eliminate those things that have been limiting him.

Now that the cosmos is emitting an energy of love is the opportunity for you to open your heart and receive this wonderful vibe with an open heart. Take advantage of it to strengthen your relationships and let go of toxic patterns that don’t work.

Let your heart guide you this season. You will have to leave behind the limiting fears, inside you is the strength to move forward. Realize that the only thing standing in your way is yourself.

Take advantage of the Libra cycle by being insightful, remember that things are not always what they seem. Follow your intuition and dream big without losing focus and keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.

In this season you will have the opportunity to balance your sense of control. Analyze where you tend to control and when you give it up; Write it on a piece of paper for clarity. Remember to talk about yourself only in a positive way.

The sun is in your sign so it’s time to shine brightly. You will be able to feel the positive energy flowing within you. To empower yourself, release responsibilities that don’t belong to you and focus on your own happiness. Remember that it is impossible to please everyone.

You will have the potential to manifest what you want, Libra season comes with good fortune for your sign. Take advantage of this energy affirming and decreeing, you will see that there is an infinite potential in the universe.

Focus on the present, let go of old disappointments and fears that have weighed you down for months or years. Remember that everything negative comes from your own mind; follow your intuition to free yourself, the energy of Libra will help you balance every aspect of your life that is needed.

Trust yourself and what is happening around you. The vibe of the Libra season will take care of giving you what you need to balance yourself, it is not the time to control yourself, but to let yourself flow. Astrologers suggest giving yourself an energy bath to remove negative energies.

Libra energy comes as a light that will illuminate the opportunities that will be in your way. To see them, do not resist the designs of the universe, make peace with yourself and let go.

The Libra cycle will fill you with strength and courage, so that you can materialize your dreams and goals. You only have to trust yourself, remember that traveling the path is what is worth it, beyond the results.

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