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Libertad Palomo reappeared on television after a long absence

For most of his life Libertad lived trapped in the body of Armando Palomo and even during his stage as a man, for 10 years he became the sentimental partner of the deceased actress Margarita Isabel, who one day discovered him dressed as a woman and since that moment ended their relationship.

Paloma’s transformation occurred after her participation in the play Adventurewhere after characterizing the character of the bougainvillea He decided to come out of the closet, which in 2003 was a real scandal.

However, figures like the also disappeared Carmen Salinas asked to support the decision of Armando Palomo, who legally fought until he was recognized as a woman under the name of Libertad Palomo, the first transsexual woman on television in Mexico.

From that moment on, Libertad’s career began to take off, as she was even called to participate in two soap operas, one of them in prime time, Los Sánchez.

However, by choicethen decided to move away from the entertainment industry until last year when he gave signs of life by issuing a statement on the death of Carmen Salinas.

Again, a few days ago, the transgender actress reappeared before the cameras of Image Television to explain the experience that meant being away from public opinion.

I was in the United States, and also touring the country by road, taking theater, as well as various shows, to different municipalities for 15 years. There was time to know all the corners ”, he recalled.

Libertad accepted that she needed to get away from criticism about her gender change and this led her to make the decision to escape in a van, which in addition to being her means of transportation was also her home. during the years in which he was moving through the national territory.

“My situation had to be accompanied by a psychological and hormonal process that involves 3 to 5 years, so I decided to leave Mexico to live as a girl for a while. Back then I was also in a maze and trying to find myself as a person, as a human being, to find that inner peace, to really discover who I am,” she explained.

Apart from her reappearance in interviews, it is unknown what the actress’s next goal will be.

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