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Leonardo de Lozanne assured that his divorce with Sandra Echeverría will be beneficial for both

For most of the years that Sandra Echeverría and Leonardo de Lozanne were married, the image they projected was that of a solid couple, but her fans recently found out from the actress that they had lost their empathy and they no longer supported each other to carry out the life project planned eight years before, so it was best to take different paths.

For his part, The singer and television show host had remained silent, perhaps waiting for his wife to back down from her decision.

However, nothing happened and then Leonardo de Lozanne considered it appropriate to come clean during an interview with the Exa FM radio station.

With the experience of two divorces, the also founder of the rock band Fobia assured that breakups should be taken as a new beginning.

“Personally, I am starting another stage, because I separated with a divorce this year, which Sandra has already spoken eloquently in many places. I consider that we see separations as a failure, but it seems to me that they are new beginnings and opportunities to grow, especially when you do them as a team with time, with intelligence, with love and respect when there are children”, he indicated.

And it is that Leonardo de Lozanne knows well what a separation is about, because in 2003 he was married to the psychologist Marcela Cuevas until they broke up six years later, during which time they had two children, Bruno, 18, and Alexis, 15.

“When you know what is right, what is the right decision, even if it hurts, sometimes the most appropriate is not pleasant; on the contrary, it is painful and sad, but you know that everything will be better with time, it helps a lot and you support it despite the pain, ”said the rocker who said he was determined to focus on his work.

With regard to Sandra Echeverría, in addition to keeping custody of her 7-year-old son Andrés, she must organize to continue promoting her career as a singer, Well, a few days ago he presented “Ahí te quedas con tu vida”, his new single, which is in full promotional campaign.

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