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Leonardo Aguilar comes out in defense of his sister Ángela Aguilar after controversial post

Angela Aguilar He does not stop getting into controversy, because either it is his well-known “romance” and controversial photos, or it is his unfortunate comments. And it is usual that both his father Pepe Aguilar like his brother Leonardo Aguilar always come out in his defense and say that what he says is “always” taken out of context, and this time was no exception.

After the Argentine Championship in the 2022 Qatar Soccer World Cup, Ángela got on the boat and pointed out that she is 25 percent Argentine. Something that the fans did not take well because the singer lives by exploiting Mexican folklore, and it is the only thing that has catapulted her career, in addition to the fact that her grandparents were true figures of the Mexican Regional.

That caused the attacks against him to skyrocket, so Her brother came out again in her defense before this controversial publication, assuring that the singer “has done a lot for Mexico” according to him. He pointed out in an interview for the program “Today”.

“I swear, this whole issue has made me very sad because no one takes away the greatness of Mexico, I dress from Mexico, my dad is a charro national champion, Ángela has done a lot for Mexico. It’s in our blood, that’s what we are, that’s the only thing I have to say and I will never in my life be ashamed of who I am and where I come from. Grandparents, parents and children now supporting my family, knowing that we are going to represent Mexico”.


And it is that this message came because her maternal grandmother is Argentine, but that did not prevent the fans from becoming angry, as they assured that the message goes against what she has said about her roots and accused her of taking advantage of what Mexico offers her.

Until now, her father, the singer Pepe Aguilar, was the one who had come out in her defense when responding to the negative comments received by the interpreter of “Ahí donde me ven”: “Yes, he has Argentine blood, so what do they want him to do? All those haters who said she wasn’t Mexican, she smeared my mother. It doesn’t matter if you feel Argentine, Croatian, English, Russian or Mexican, we are children of God”.

This controversy adds to what happened recently when an intimate photograph that they claimed was of Ángela Aguilar was disseminated on social networksfor which the singer later assured that it is false and began a legal process to find those responsible.

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