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Leo Cancer Cusp: What It Means To Be Born Between These Two Zodiac Signs

Cancer season runs from June 20 to July 21 while Leo’s astrological cycle begins on July 22 and ends on August 22, so, those who came into the world from July 19 to 24 are on the Cancer-Leo cusp.

When you are born on the edge or on the border of two zodiacal signs, it is known as a cusp, and although it does not mean that this person belongs to two signs at the same time, it does share the traits of both.

That is, those who have this aspect may have different personality traits than those of their same zodiac sign. In this case, Cancers born on this cusp being so close to Leo feel some of its influence and vice versa.

What is the Cancer-Leo cusp personality like?

Cancer and Leo are two very different signs. The first is a water sign ruled by the Moon, which means that he is emotional, sensitive, calm and loves romance, while the second is a fire sign ruled by the Sun, so he has attributes such as confidence, the passion and intensity.

Those who have the influence of both can go from shy to enthusiastic in a heartbeat.. It is difficult for them to stay in one mood, however, when the traits of both are harmoniously combined, their personality is sparkling.

According to an astrology article on Suggest.com, They are empathic, supportive and very capable of influencing others.so it is not uncommon for them to be heads of their own companies, activists or leaders.

The personality of this cusp also influences your romantic life. Cancer is jealous and it takes time for him to open up with his partner, however, when he allows a person to enter her heart, they do everything for her and love her without excuses.

For their part, Leo follows the leadership patterns in a relationship, that is, they are planners and want to be in control of any situation.

The combination of both zodiacal energies makes this cusp passionate, with the desire to have affection and very committed to their relationships.In short, they are sensitive souls, but with a burning passion.

However, they also have a negative side. They can become emotional manipulators, misusing their influence, selfish, and lacking in confidence.

In conclusion, the Cancer-Leo cusp oscillates between a sea of ​​emotions and control, so their mission is to find the balance that prevents them from sailing from one extreme to another.

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