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Leif GW Persson comments on the criticism of the police leadership in the case of Mats Löfving

On Wednesday last week, police chief Mats Löfving was found dead in his home. Leif GW Persson is critical of the actions of the police leadership in the investigation that has been. “It must not happen like that,” he says in “Efter fem”.

Photo: TV4

According to the investigation that was released on the same day that Mats Löfving was found dead, the investigator believed that the actual employment of Linda Staaf was not fair. “It is according to the investigator’s opinion, but I do not share that opinion and quite a few do,” says Leif GW Persson in an interview in “Efter fem.”

He is also very critical of the circumstances surrounding the investigation and review of Mats Löfving. “It’s very unfortunate that a person who is involved in an incident there, along with two others, and all of them have opposing interests, that that person chooses the investigator, it doesn’t work that way.” He also tells Tilde De Paula that the situation surrounding the investigation does not “show any major competence.”

“Deeply offensive”

He believes that the approach differs from how it should have been done. “The normal course is that first the prosecutor gets to have his say, and if he then decides to prosecute it, then you can take the next step and appoint a special investigation to review the authority as a whole and how they have handled it here.”

Leif GW believes that the whole situation is “as close to a public execution as you can get.” He also points out that the whole situation makes him very upset, not least as it resulted in the person it concerns now being dead. “I am actually upset that in this way, because it is a personnel matter, that it is reported at a press conference without a legal basis. It is deeply offensive to the person it is about.”

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