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Lee Christiernsson’s greeting to Tone Sekelius: “Want to thank you”

Two years ago, Tone Sekelius came out as transgender, something that not only had a big impact on her own life, but also inspired many others. IN After five tells Sekelius about what it was like to come out – and receives a nice greeting from Lee Christiernsson.

Photo: TV4

During Tuesday, Tone Sekelius was a guest of TV4’s After five where she discussed what it was like to come out as transgender two years ago and what her life looks like today.

Tone Sekelius on coming out: “I felt embraced”

“It feels like I’ve been out my whole life, but at the same time it feels like it happened yesterday. These two years have flown by and I am just happy and proud to be where I am today. It feels like when I got out, life started, because before that there was so much overthinking, anxiety, panic. You kind of felt stuck in one and the same track in life,” says Tone i After five.

Sekelius came out partly in a video on his YouTube channel, partly through the documentary Thomas Sekelius: My name is Tone on Discovery+.

As soon as Tone published the video, she logged out of her social media. She wanted to hang out with her friends and enjoy the moment instead of seeing people’s reactions.

Once she went online again, reactions to the news turned out to be overwhelmingly positive:

“It was so uplifting and so much love. I just felt so embraced,” she says.

Lee Christiernsson’s greeting to Tone Sekelius: “Want to thank you”

Sekelius has not only been a source of inspiration for many, she has also used her platform to give practical advice on how trans people can begin their transition.

One of those who have made use of these tips is Lee Christiernsson, who came out as transgender in QX February issue. IN After five Christiernsson sends a video greeting to Sekelius to thank her for the various ways she has helped other trans people:

“I want to thank you for sharing your transition in an excellent and brave and open way. I, among other things, got the tip from you through your blog where I could buy medicine, for example, to be able to continue my transition in a safe and good way. And so I know you’ve inspired and helped so many other people along the way,” says Lee.

Sekelius reacts with delight to the message.

“How nice this is! I actually read Lee’s interview and saw this and it made me so happy. This is just black and white that stories must be heard. I was so happy when she got out too and that she gets to live her full life. I know how great that feeling is, once it lets go, once you are allowed to come out. I have already lived this way for a very long time but being able to tell others is such a huge relief in life. I am so happy that she is who she is today.”

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