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Lee Christiernsson on public support: “Love, respect and cheers”

It’s been a turbulent few weeks for Lee Christiernsson, who came out as transgender in January. Now Christiernsson talks about the public’s reactions to the news in After Five.

Photo: TV4

It was in QX February issue that Lee Christiernsson first came out as transgender. In the interview, Lee said that for many years she had suppressed her gender dysphoria, that is, not feeling like the gender she was registered as at birth.

“It’s only been love”

When Christiernsson visits After Five he tells us about his experience of recent times, not least after the documentary drew attention Becoming Lee came out on TV4:

“It’s been absolutely incredible, actually. I wasn’t prepared for that. There have been so many kind comments,” says Lee.

The TV personality adds that the few comments that have been more negative have ended up on other platforms – not her own.

“It’s really just been love, respect and cheers. It’s interesting that it’s become such a big deal – I’ve just come out, I haven’t done anything else.”

In the documentary Becoming Lee viewers follow Christiernsson’s journey from being “Carpenter-Björn” with the entire Swedish people to coming out as transgender. Even though Christiernsson was involved Finally home for over a decade he was unsure how much attention the whole thing would receive:

“It’s still 2023, people come out all the time. Of course I have my background – including on this channel – but still.”

Moved to tears by ex-wife’s greeting

In the interview in After five Christiernsson also receives a nice video greeting from his ex-wife Karolina. The video was shot the day after they attended this year’s QX Gala, where Lee presented the award TV of the year.

“It was a magical evening and to see you on stage when you got up there and feel all the love that was around – then it broke for me and my tears started to flow”, says a noticeably touched Karolina in the clip.

She continues: “I also felt that I could finally lower my guard. I felt that there is so much love out there that welcomes that everyone is different, and that everyone has the right to be exactly who they want to be. I am so proud of you Lee, and I am so proud that you are the father of our children.”

Lee is moved to tears by the video, and says that his ex-wife has meant “so much” to him:

“She is so open and lovely. We both like that people are different, it adds something. Life would be extremely boring if everyone was exactly the same. She has so much love to give. Now it’s my ex-wife, but she suits me very well and we call each other soulmates for a reason.”

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