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LeBron James received luxurious diamond pendant after achieving historic points mark in the NBA

LeBron James in the NBA All Star.

Photo: PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP/Getty Images

LeBron James received a luxurious and expensive gift from the NBA and the Los Angeles Lakers after making history by surpassing the competition’s points mark, beating Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The National Basketball League and the Lakers relied on the prestigious jeweler Elliot Eliantte, owner of the Eliantte brand, to make ‘King James’ a gold and diamond chain with a lion on the front.

The accessory also has an inscription that recognizes the recently achieved record. “Leading Scorer NBA All-Time” (top scorer in the NBA). He also has the numbers used by LeBron in his career (6 and 23).

The surprises in the pendant do not stop there and when you turn the pendant around, on the back are the shields of the three franchises that James defended: Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers. Also recorded are some awards such as Rookie of the Year in 2004, his four MVP Finals (2012, 2013, 2016 and 2020), all the times he was chosen as the most valuable player, among others.

All these details were revealed by Eliantte’s Instagram account in a post alternating between photos and videos. “NBA scoring leader LeBron James received a unique piece for his achievement with the Lakers. Congratulations again bro!” they wrote.

James reacted to the gift through his stories on Instagram, where he posted a photo wearing the pendant and left a short caption. “You should have gone to Eliantte! Thank you Lakers.”

Although the monetary value of the present is not known, it is possibly a unique piece with high added value. LeBron made history on February 7 in the game that the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Despite the score of 133-130, James was the absolute star of world sports that night, scoring 38,388 points and establishing himself as the top scorer in NBA history.

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