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LeBron James is expected to surpass Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s points record before the All-Star break

Just 158 ​​points separate LeBron James from becoming the NBA’s all-time leading scorer. and thus surpass the record of 38,387 points of the legendary Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

But the exact date when this may occur is still a dilemma, however. most specialists agree that he will achieve it before the All-Star Game which will take place on February 19 in Utah.

In that sense, if LeBron James’ scoring averages are met, It will be between February 5 and 10 that he manages to break the long-awaited record of points and become the top scorer in history of the best basketball in the world.

All these probable dates can be met if “The King” maintains his scoring average between 27, 29 or 36 pointss.

The truth is that it is a matter of days for LeBron James to surpass the mark of Kareem Abdul Jabbar and enter NBA history as the top scorer in history and also enter the debate on the best basketball players in history.

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