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Learning Maya: How Do You Say Hummingbird?

How do you write hummingbird in mayan?

The small piece of jade was a hummingbird ( x ts’unu’um, in the Mayan language). The legend lists that the delicacy of this same being allowed it to approach the flowers without moving a single one of its own petals, and that all the colors of the rainbow shone in its plumage.

How do you say hummingbird in Aztec?

In Maya it is called x ts’unu’um; tsut’u in hñä-hñü; in Nahuatl, huitzilin and in Spanish, hummingbird.

How do you say hummingbird in Olmec?:

Context: huitzitzilin, plur.

How do you say hummingbird in indigenous languages?

The hummingbird, which in Nahuatl is called huitzilin or huitzitzilin, literally: turquoise thorn or beautiful thorn, was one of the most sacred birds of the old Mexicans, since it represented the god Huitzilopochtli who always wore it in his headdress and in every moment attached to a flower that represented the heart.

How do you say hummingbird in aboriginal languages?:

Hair kupuri m
hummingbird tindu m
Tz’unu m
tzintzun m
uitzitzilin m

How do you call the hummingbird?

‘Small little American bird’. Its plural is hummingbirds or hummingbirds (→ plural, 1c).

How do you say hummingbird in Quechua?:

Did you know what “Qenti” means?

How do you write little bird in the Mayan language?

STRAW f: Su’uk. BIRD m, zool: Ch’íich’. PALA f: Jo’opob. WORD f: T’aan, t’aanil.

What does the hummingbird mean in the Aztecs?

Hummingbirds are the warriors who died in battle -said Huitzilopochtli-, they are also messengers of good wishes, they attract love and good luck, but alive not dead.

How do you say hummingbird in Tzotzil?

At that moment the gods created the ‘x ts’unu’um’ better known as the hummingbird.

How do you pronounce hummingbird in Nahuatl?

In Axochiapan, the Nahuatl voice guichichiquis meant hummingbirds as for the old. The voice guachichiquis is written “Huitzitziques” (hummingbird in Spanish) and pronounced guichichiquis.

How do you say hummingbird or hummingbird?

How do you call the hummingbird?
Hummingbirds or hummingbirds feed on flower nectar and are essential pollinators, especially flowers with tubular-shaped corollas.

What is the feminine of the word hummingbird?

It is an epicene noun, that is, with a single grammatical gender (masculine) it designates both sexes. As to distinguish one from the other, a modifier must be used: male hummingbird / female hummingbird.

What does the full name of the hummingbird mean?

The CNRTL says that it comes from the Occitan colobro, colubro (snake), for the cholera (this bird is very brave) of the hummingbird and that it was the French who transmitted it to the West Indies.

What is the scientific name of the hummingbird?

Trochilidae Trochilidae / Full scientific name

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