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Learn to have a clean sleep and feel better

“Clean sleep” is already a trend in the USA and its benefits are many. Sleeping well may be all you need to feel better. Get it.

Since a few years ago, the clean sleep it became a trend, especially in the United States of America, thanks to celebrities who practice it. It can be said that, in this case, it is a good fad, since the health benefits of having a “clean sleep” are really immense. And in these tense times of the new coronavirus pandemic even more.

A “clean sleep”, or “clean sleep” can even contribute to the regulation of appetite and energy levels, for example.

Likewise, poor quality sleep can negatively interfere with metabolism and hormones and make you gain weight; cause a bad mood; cause memory problems and mental confusion; harm the skin; and also decrease the body’s immunity, making it more vulnerable to inflammation and chronic diseases.

Surprised by the importance of good sleep in our lives and health? So, find out more about “clean sleep” and how you can put it into practice.

“Clean sleep”: realize the importance of sleep in your life

What is it and what are the benefits?

“Clean sleep” consists of sleeping between seven and nine hours a night, ensuring maximum quality of sleep. and most importantly, that this sleep is of high quality. While there are many beauty tricks, nothing compares to the role of a good night’s sleep.

Having this sleep routine ensures a better way of aging; a more fit silhouette; and brighter skin and hair. All because those 9 hours of sleep are capable of repairing and detoxifying the body, making you wake up the next day more refreshed and with an improved appearance and disposition.

But, after all, what happens while we sleep?…

We all know that sleeping well and having a good sleep is important for our well-being and for the health of our organism. But there are details you may not know…

For example, sleep is responsible for balancing our body’s hormone levels. Therefore, those who have poor sleep, both in terms of quality and quantity (number of hours), will see their hormone release negatively affected.

This can result in metabolism problems, fatigue, stress, increased production of cortisol and insulin and increased fat storage. Stress itself reduces the production of glucagon, a hormone that contributes to the elimination of fat. Therefore, it is not without meaning to say that those who sleep little or poorly have a greater tendency to put on weight.

Another consequence is the increased production of thyroxine, a hormone that at high levels can cause a malfunction in the thyroid and, because of that, an increase in weight and fatigue.

The tiredness resulting from a bad or short night of sleep raises the levels of ghrelinincreasing hunger and appetite, especially for carbohydrates.

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How to have a “clean” sleep?

Having understood the negative consequences of having low-quality and short-term sleep, it remains to be seen what needs to be done to have a “clean sleep” and derive all its benefits from it.

Myths around sleep and sleeping woman

Naturally, the following suggestions may not apply to everyone and there are cases where, in order to achieve a “clean sleep”, you may even need to consult a specialist and take some type of medication. However, we believe that in most cases the following tips are able to make a difference when it’s time to go to bed to rest. So watch out and take note:

  • Before going to bed, take a few minutes to meditate and do relaxation exercises;
  • Learning to practice yoga nidra (the “yoga of sleep”);
  • Avoid snacking or eating before going to bed (digestion interferes with the quality of sleep and whether or not it is easy to fall asleep);
  • Stimulate some therapeutic points on the body, massaging your feet, for example. This will induce relaxation, making your sleep deeper, more peaceful and restful.

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