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learn to disguise dark roots without having to paint

Anyone who dyes their hair or does highlights knows this drama well. That’s why we’ve gathered the best tips to disguise dark roots without having to paint.

Dyeing your hair or making highlights lighter than your natural hair tone can be a good solution to give your face a younger look and brighten your complexion. But it’s when the hair starts to grow and we don’t have time to go to the hairdresser, that it becomes essential to disguise the dark roots.

Who has never felt desolate when looking in the mirror, and seeing the roots of one color and the hair of another? The good part is that, while you schedule and don’t schedule maintenance at the hairdresser, there are some tips that really work.

Yes, although the ideal is to keep your maintenance up to date, so that your hair is always beautiful and healthy, we know that this is not always possible, especially if you are on vacation far from home. So come on out of there, and come back and love your hair and the reflection you see in the mirror.

Disguising dark hair roots: 6 useful tips


Volume is the watchword

Whenever you want to disguise your dark roots, the ideal is to bet on hairstyles that create a lot of volume, such as curls. This is because, the volume allows the root of the hair not to be so marked, disguising it.

So choose to wavy your hair, so that the attention is on the body of the hair and not on the top of the head. Yes, the curling iron will really be your best friend to disguise dark roots.


Bet on messy ponytails

The most unkempt ponytails with style messy, are also a good alternative to disguise the roots. As the root is not marked at the top of the head, mixing with the rest of the hair, even if it is big it is not noticeable so much.

To use and abuse, especially on hot days.

woman with ponytail
A ponytail can breathe new life into hair and help hide dark roots.


Forget the risk in half

When the roots are large and much darker than the rest of the hair, the ideal is to forget about the middle part and bet on indefinite parts. So, instead of parting your hair in the middle with a straight part as usual, comb it with your fingers to the side and let it look more tousled, purposefully.

This will create the illusion of smoother hair and mask dark roots. Everything you want, right?


Invest in hair accessories

When the roots have already grown much more than they should, and you think that none of the previous tricks are working, it is worth resorting to the resource solution, and betting on accessories.

Indeed, hair accessories, such as headbands, ribbons or bows, are excellent allies to camouflage the root, hiding it. This, while giving even more style and irreverence to the overall look.

Take advantage of the trends and make them your best friends, until you go back to the hairdresser and have your roots retouched.


Make a bun on top of your head

Also, making a bun on the top of the head, with a more unkempt look, is a good alternative to achieve a full look, while managing to disguise the dark roots.

Make sure the bun is neatly ruffled on top of the head, so that the roots merge with it, blending in. You can add a scarf if you like, or just secure it with an elastic band for a natural effect.

In fact, this is really a very easy trick and it also works very well, when the idea is to disguise dark roots. At least, until you can make an appointment at the hairdresser and get your dream hair back.

Woman with bad hair day

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Cover your head with a scarf

On hot summer days, a good alternative is to cover your hair with a scarf. As well as resulting in an elegant look, no one will suspect that you are trying to hide your roots.

Now that you know how to disguise dark roots without dyeing, use and abuse the tips to feel wonderful with your hair. Even when he is in need of good maintenance.

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