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The curtain is a fundamental accessory for any environment. It controls the entrance of natural light, regulates ventilation and ensures the privacy of residents. The play also plays an important role in the House decoration馃嚙馃嚪

The ceiling curtain makes the environment more sophisticated and modern. (Photo: Disclosure)

In addition to dressing the windows with good taste and functionality, curtains are also gaining versions that adapt to the highest area of 鈥嬧媡he house, the ceiling.

What this article covers:

What is the ceiling curtain for?

THE ceiling curtain It is a perfect material for covering external areas, such as a terrace, garden or leisure area. O covered space it can become a perfect place to receive friends or organize small family parties.

Few people know about the ceiling curtain, after all, it is a relatively new product on the market. However, the piece promises to solve the problems of different environments, especially when the intention boils down to escape from the conventional ceiling馃嚙馃嚪

The curtain guarantees protection against UV rays. (Photo: Disclosure)

The ceiling curtain can be used in areas that already have a glass covering馃嚙馃嚪 In this way, the piece reduces the intensity of the sun and also blocks UV rays, without disturbing the well-being and comfort of residents.

Many different surfaces can be dressed with the ceiling curtainsuch as gazebos, skylights and glass or polycarbonate roofs.

Ceiling curtain designs

Between the ceiling curtain designs, it is worth highlighting the one made with blackout fabric. Its activation can be done manually or motorized, thus creating a pleasant atmosphere in the space. The product can be useful to moderate the incidence of sunlight or completely block daylight. Another proven advantage is the reduction of external noise.

The ceiling curtain can also be found in a version with a tensioner, which allows opening and closing at the desired level, even in areas with a slope. The materials most used in the manufacture of these pieces are PVC and polyester.

Ceiling curtain is perfect for a glass covering. (Photo: Disclosure)

In addition to being equipped with high technology to cover spaces, the ceiling curtain is also characterized by a clean design, that is, it provides sophistication and visual comfort. The neutrality of some pieces makes them adapt to different styles of decoration.

Luxaflex, by Hunter Douglas, is a brand that has three options of ceiling application curtains, they are: Duette Simplicity, Rol么 Simplicity and Romanas Simplicity. The fabrics used in manufacturing provide transparency and thermal comfort, not to mention allowing external visibility. Luxaflex works with manual or motorized and its products can be found at authorized dealers. To know where to buy ceiling curtainsvisit the website Hunter Douglas馃嚙馃嚪

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