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learn more about the winner of the InnoTIC100M Challenge • ENTER.CO

‘Environments without COVID’ was the winning project of the Innotic100M Challenge and a week after they received this award, we decided to speak with them to find out where the idea for an air sterilization system came from.

InnoTIC100m Challenge is a challenge created by the Universidad de los Andes for entrepreneurs and startups that seek to respond to objective number 9 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This seeks to promote and build resilient infrastructure, sustainable industrialization and encourage innovation. After choosing the participants and entering a training, mentoring and assistance program to improve their products, on D-Day, the finalists presented themselves to an international jury. ‘Environments without COVID’ was the winner of 100 million pesos to continue growing.

What is most striking is that ‘Environments without COVID’ is a project by Sigma Laboratories, a venture created by a group of friends who seek, through technology and innovation, to create machines and solutions for companies and after the InnoTIC100M Challenge found a new approach, medical services.

How was the idea born? an air sterilization system for ‘Environments without COVID’?

When the pandemic started, Sigma Laboratories was creating solutions for companies, but COVID-19 put before them a problem that needed a solution and was urgent, the disinfection of medical spaces quickly and safely. In addition to the air sterilization system, the venture also created UVC and Fullface LED masks.

What are the plans of Sigma Laboratories?

Sigma Laboratories told ENTER.CO that they have found a gap in the medical industry in which they believe they can work to build technological solutions to improve hospital productivity and processes and help doctors and nurses. With the InnoTIC100M Challenge award, they will also work to continue producing ‘Environments without COVID’.

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In addition, the four finalists and the winner of the Universidad de los Andes challenge will become part of InnoTIC Fabric. This is part of a program that will help them with mentors and entrepreneurs from the university to grow and receive support and information to continue on their way.

InnoTIC fabric

The 100 million Colombian pesos that were part of the InnoTIC100M Challenge prize are part of the contribution made by companies that were born during the project when they were students from the Andes and grew from it. Some have even been part of the investment rounds of Y Combinator and return to the first open version of this challenge as mentors for the chosen projects.

Image: pikisuperstar on Freepik.

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