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Learn more about the BRL 1,200 Aid for single mothers

A new income transfer benefit was approved by the Women’s Rights Commission of the Chamber of Deputies at the end of 2021. The benefit that is awaited by thousands of single mothers who take care of their children and home concerns the Permanent Aid.

The Bill that is in progress is authored by former deputy Assis Carvalho (PI) and aims to guarantee fixed aid in the value of BRL 1200 for single mothers, also called single-parent families.

The topic under discussion in the Chamber since 2020 and many women want to know whether or not the benefit can be released this year. Soon we will take advantage of the recent questions to put an end to the release or not of the benefit.

Who will receive the R$1,200 Permanent Aid?

According to the proposal, for female heads of household, who live without a partner or spouse and who have at least one person under age under their care, they can guarantee access to the benefit.

The benefit will then be granted to low-income women who are registered in CadÚnico, the same system that grants access to the Brazil aid.

Check below the necessary requirements to have access to Permanent Aid:

  • be of legal age (18 years);
  • is not working with a formal contract;
  • is not the holder of a social security or assistance benefit or beneficiary of unemployment insurance or a federal income transfer program;
  • whose monthly family income per capita is up to half a minimum wage (R$ 606.00) or whose total monthly family income is up to three minimum wages (R$ 3,636.00);
  • is registered in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government;
  • and let it be:
  • individual microentrepreneur (MEI);
  • individual taxpayer of the General Social Security System who contributes in the form of the caput or item I of § 2 of art. 21 of Law No. 8,212, of July 24, 1991; or
  • informal worker, employed, self-employed or unemployed, of any nature, including intermittently inactive.

But after all, will the benefit be released or not?

unfortunately in 2022 the benefit cannot be approved, even if it is being processed in the Chamber of Deputies. This is because we are in an election year and the electoral law vetoes the creation of benefits in an election year.

Therefore, there will be no possibility of the benefit being approved and paid during this year. It should be noted that for next year the text will still be available for processing.

However, it is necessary to be aware that the more time passes, the more the issue ends up being forgotten by parliamentarians, as a consequence the text loses force and the more difficult it is for it to be approved.

Therefore, our recommendation is that women who are still waiting for the benefit do not create expectations about the new Aid, as the text has less and less chance of being approved.

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