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Learn more about Osseous Sarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer

Check out a little more about what bone tumors are, and how the lack of a diagnosis contributes to the difficulty of treating the disease

Because it is a rare type of cancer, there is still little information about bone sarcoma here in Brazil. Photo by Kindel Media: https://www.pexels.com/pt-br/foto/vista-traseira-corpo-organismo-entidade-7298431/

Have you ever heard what Bone Sarcomas are? They are tumors that originate through the abnormal growth of cells in any part of our body. Because they are rare tumors, they represent 0.2% of diagnoses.

What are sarcomas?

First, sarcomas are different groups of tumors that are found in our bodies. They are divided into three types: Soft parts, bones and finally the GIST (or gastrointestinal tumor)

What Causes Bone Sarcoma?

Because it is still a very rare type of tumor, there is still little information about the origins of Sarcoma. However, a small contingent of patients with the disease, have as factors among them the appearance of rare syndromes such as Gardner Syndrome and Werner Syndrome.

It is worth remembering that these conditions are acquired through contact with radiation and exposure to chemical agents.

What are the main symptoms?

The symptoms of Bone Sarcoma can be diverse, among them, the appearance of pain, increased volume in the fractured region, in addition to the possibility of fever. However, there is also the possibility of these tumors being found without manifesting these symptoms.

How does the treatment work?

As previously mentioned, due to the lack of more scientific information about the causes of Bone Sarcoma, which can make it difficult to carry out the treatment according to the stage at which the disease is discovered.

That’s why the treatment is based on a multidisciplinary team that will be responsible for making the decisions and at the same time using the most common methods of cancer treatment ranging from surgery to chemotherapy.

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