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Learn more about MagaluPay: is it worth it?

MagaluPay is the newest method for making digital payments. It is aimed at young companies and small businesses that want to invest even more in the digital market. With it, it is possible to directly use the Magalu application to easily manage all the financial aspects of the business.

Fintech also offers three models of machines to facilitate payments: The Mini, Super and Smart models.

MagaluPay machines accept several cards and promise security during payment processes. With that, the question arises whether it is worth it. Check out more about Fintech below.

What this article covers:

How is MagaluPay?

MagaluPay was created with the aim of facilitating digital payments. With it, it is possible to manage payments for digital sales or those made physically, with the machines.

The management system includes several benefits for its users, among which stand out the anticipation of receivables and three models of machines for physical payments. In addition, it is possible to obtain reports that help in the financial of the business.

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So far, MagaluPay offers three models of machines: The mini, the Super and Smart.

The first is the most basic model, which provides its own chip and data package. The smart is the right one for counters, capable of printing receipts and with a physical keyboard. Now, for those who need more technology, there is the Smart model, which accepts chip cards and payments NFC??

Is MagaluPay worth it?

MagaluPay is worthwhile for people who are starting their business. The interesting thing is that the tool offers a good amount of models and the registration to get them is simple and fast.

MagaluPay is worth it

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However, this type of service is common in today’s market. Analysis is recommended before opting for MagaluPay.


Due to the number of models available, MagaluPay is worth it. In addition, the purchase of the machine can be made as a legal entity or individual, a great differential that stands out. The price of the payment machines is also very attractive, the mini model is purchased for just 10 installments of R$ 19.90.


What less makes the service stand out among competitors is the fact that it does not offer 24-hour support. The models also accept a small variety of cards and vouchers cannot be passed.

Where to apply for MagaluPay?

To apply for MagaluPay, the interested party must register on the website. Just fill in the personal and company data and the system will be integrated. Once the process is complete, the choice of machine model must be made.

At the time of ordering, you will need to link your device of choice to an account. It is through this same portal that the user will be able to confirm its operation and locate the machine only by the registered nickname.

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